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About Us



Learn Our Style of Martial Arts Training

Tom Vo’s Taekwondo has been training children and adults the act of learning and training in martial arts for a greater cause. We have taught our students that martial arts is a tool for becoming a more complete, active and successful person.

As you can see, Tom Vo’s Taekwondo stands for something with much more meaning than just kicking and punching.

We consider ourselves a very important tool to help the parents teach their children important values. We help parents instill certain characteristics in their children through martial arts such as: discipline, anger management, appreciate parents, teachers & family members, the value of nutrition, exercise & education. These values that we instill in our children will hopefully lead them to a happy and productive life.

We have been and will always be a place where teens and adults are able to relieve stress, refuel, & recharge their body & mind. We are always constantly reminding them that to stay focused in their daily life, they must keep their mind and body fit.

We would like to invite you to visit and be a part of our martial arts school in Tustin, CA. If you are looking for a martial arts school that is fun, triggers many of your interests, friendly, engaging and life enhancing, then you have come to the right place.

We are professionals at making it effortless to start. Learning can be fun and exciting and we have made that an art. We are committed to making sure you get honesty, amazing customer service and a value that you cannot find anywhere else.